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Dan Cohen / Band Leader – Drums

Video from Action News about his house


Veteran drummer of the Pittsburgh rock and soul scene of the late 60s and 70s, Dan Cohen took a hiatus from music in order to launch and nurture a computer business in the Philadelphia area. In ’96 the music bug bit him worse than ever, which led him to form a party band that was later to become the Philly Party Band. Always with a keen eye and ear for talent, Dan assembled some of the most dynamic performers in the Philadelphia area to form a band unrivaled in sound or energy.

The Philly Party Band is a happy family in more than the figurative sense with his son Steven playing trumpet, his wife, Phyllis, doing sound and video, and his son Robert, a veteran keyboardist of the group currently pursuing a music career in New York. It is this closeness amongst his extended family in the Philly Party Band that allows them to work so well off of each other.

It’s not only drumming and leadership that Dan brings to the Philly Party Band. Not one to keep his various interests separate, Dan used his knowledge of computers and electronics to assemble a state of the art sound system and lighting display that make the Philly Party Band look and sound better than any of their competitors.