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Mateo Gloistein



Mateo Gloistein – Mateo was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He took to music at a young age and was leading and composing for his own original band by the time he was a teenager. He also played keyboards and guitar as a sideman, performing mainly Blues and R&B. When Mateo entered U.C. Berkeley, he began to develop his improvisational approach to music. Through studying West African drumming and Jazz a new world of rhythm and harmony opened for him. This began to temper the raw emotion of his playing through the discipline and sophistication offered by his teachers at Berkeley. Mateo was able to experiment with these concepts when performing with his Jazz/Funk hybrid band, Freeland.

Mateo relocated to the Philadelphia area in 1997, and currently resides in Media, PA. Since moving to the area he has had the opportunity to incorporate more Afro-Cuban elements into his playing while deepening his Jazz concept on the piano. Mateo teaches piano lessons in Swarthmore and performs frequently throughout the region, always seeking to evolve as a musician and composer, and to communicate his love of life through music. Mateo has 8 years of experience playing with other party bands, but when the opportunity to play with the Philly Party Band, he jumped on it.