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Steve Cohen


 Steve Cohen rounds off the horn section of the Philly Party Band with his soaring trumpet lines and youthful energy. Part of the musical Cohen family, Steve began his music education at a young age with piano before settling on the trumpet His playing has taken him from ska bands in Media to rock bands formed at Union College where he majored in Mathematics, minored in Physics, and led the diving team as captain. The fruits of his academic work involved a Mathematics thesis on Gaussian integers and a place in the Physics honor society.

Upon graduation, Steve focused more of his energy on music and performing by joining the Philly Party Band. A born performer, Steve can’t help but dance and ham it up as he belts out the trumpet parts. Steve’s love of performing isn’t limited to music either. He spent the summers of his college years delighting audiences of the diving shows at Lake George’s Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom with both his talent and his antics.

When not busy with the Philly Party Band, Steve occasionally collaborates with the Brooklyn-based “afro-gypsy funk”/hip hop group Mamarazzi, of which his brother Rob is a member.