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Tom Parsons

Trumpet, Vocals


Tom Parsons lives with his family of five in Coopersburg, PA. As a child who grew up in a very musical household, Tom got his first trumpet while in third grade. From 6th grade through high school, he had weekly private lessons, so practicing every day was expected and became routine. During high school, Tom made the Delaware all-state band 3 years in a row. As his interest deepened, he attended workshops by the Stan Kenton Orchestra, and by composer Hank Levy. After high school, Tom entered the University of Delaware as a Music Education major, and played third chair in the jazz band as a freshman. Eventually he switched majors, graduating in Engineering, but never lost his passion for music. After focusing on his family for several years, his love of music was re-ignited just after his 40th birthday in 1998, when he was invited to join a 7-piece party band in the Allentown area, called Grumbledog. After 4 years enjoying the band life, he moved up to join the Philly Horn Band in early 2002 … and the rest is history.